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The NEWJOY Selling Experience:

We are local home buyers who look to serve you first in your time of need.

NEWJOY Investments is more than just the name of our company, it's the ultimate result of working with our company..."NEW-JOY"  To many times we have encountered people who have had so much angst about their property.   Whether they had a change in their financial situation or inherited a home and didn't know where to turn, we have seen so many faces turn from disgust to delight after we were able solve their real estate dilemma fast and easy!

What you can expect from us is openness, honesty, and a fair offer.  If we aren't the best fit for your situation, we will tell you that and then align you with one of our trusted and vetted business partners who can help you. 

We have transacted numerous deals from full rehab projects to partnering with other investors to make deals happen when other options failed.

Our names are Dan and Diana Ahlborn, and we have been buying homes and helping others with their real estate needs since 2010 through our company NEWJOY Investments.  There are many companies that buy houses, but how we are different is that we take the time to listen to the needs of each family and create win-win situations for both the buyer and the seller regardless of their situation and that is how we provide the NEWJOY difference.  That's why we aren't your typical home buying service, we look to serve you first, then make sure it works for us.

Dan and Diana have been happily married for 17 years and loves hanging out with his 3 kids.  Aside from real estate, Dan enjoys the watching the Green Bay Packers, playing games, meeting new people, listening to music, and growing in his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Diana loves hanging out with her family, puzzles, and continuing her personal relationship with the Lord as well.

We are local experienced real estate investors who look to serve you in Green Bay, Appleton, and across Northeastern Wisconsin and specialize in off-market properties.

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