1. What does the "NEWJOY" in NEWJOY investments mean?

The term NEWJOY has many layers. First, it's not just our name, it's what our company does. With the process and solutions we provide, NEW-JOY is what people experience when we buy their home. 

Secondly, we provide NEW-JOY to neighborhoods. Many times, the homes we buy are needing repair and negatively impact the area, so we source local contractors to help us to restore these properties and make them a great new home for a new family to enjoy.

Lastly, we are a company built on our faith in Jesus Christ and He is the one that can bring the ultimate NEW-JOY to all who believe in him as their Lord and Savior. 

2. What are the NEWJOY values that set the company apart from other real estate investment companies? Why do you believe those are important?

There are a TON of other companies in the market place who say "WE BUY HOUSES," but what sets us apart is that we care about those we help. We value integrity and openness as our two main qualities. Ultimately, we want to treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated. People come to us in very challenging situations in which life threw them a curveball and their property has now become more of a headache than a help. Because of how we buy homes, we listen to each person's story and from there we can craft a solution to fit most situations. 

Plus, in the rare case we aren't the best option, we will share other resources that could serve them better given their desired outcome.

3. What does the process look like from start to finish working with NEWJOY?

The process sually starts with an initial phone call. This time is all about getting to know the people we are poised to serve and helping to understand how we can provide NEW-JOY. We ask questions and listen to better understand the situation and find out some preliminary information about their property.

From here we schedule a time to view the property and typically within 24 hours we can have a fair offer that they can review and sign. We will buy properties as-is, so we won't require any repairs or contingencies in order to buy the home. 

Once the paperwork is signed, we send it off to the local title company and schedule a closinb date that works with the homeowner and then get ready to transform the property.  

4. What is the most crucial aspect of the NEWJOY home buying process?

Simplicity. It can be overwhelming to even know where to start when someone makes the decision to sell their property. Whether it's the family homestead or their dream home, this decision is usually one made out of necessity, and there is a ball of emotions and a ton of questions that seem to have no answers. We've been helping homeowners since 2010 with their real estate situations, so we know what it takes to buy properties in unique situations. We are everyday people who live in the same community as those who we serve, so we try, to the best of our ability, to treat everybody with respect regardless of what is currently going on in their lives. Our contracts are simple and we take the time to make sure that everything is clear as we move toward the purchase of the property.

5. What is the most common thing you've heard from customers that NEWJOY has worked with?

THANK YOU! Time and time again those two words flow from the lips of those who sold their property to NEWJOY Investments. Whether it's at the kitchen table when we sign the purchase agreement or at closing when we get a tear-filled hug as we brought closure to their real estate situation, that is what motivates us to continue to serve Northeastern Wisconsin as we look to provide NEW-JOY to more people across our community.