Often times, the most difficult challenges in life are the unexpected ones. And unfortunately, for most of us, those challenges often revolve around money.

We all get it. When 5 p.m. hits and you get in your car, the 10-minute drive home is a thought-spiral of credit card debt, medical bills, the mortgage. Your bills are piling up, but your income doesn’t follow the same trend.

Hopefully things don’t reach a worst-case scenario and you’re able to squeak by. But for a lot of people, unfortunately, the worst-case scenario comes true. The bills pile up. Your car breaks down. A medical emergency hits. You just don’t have enough money to cover it all.

What if the bank decides to come for the house? What if a family member passes away, leaving a home behind, and you just don’t want to add the process of selling a house to the emotionally-trying list of things that have to be done?

That’s when the “We buy houses for cash” companies come in. Maybe you see a sign on the road. Maybe it’s a billboard. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is. You really can take one of the most stressful pieces of life’s pie off your plate without doing any of the work.

And NEWJOY separates itself from the rest of these companies who all do the same thing because of the way we do it. With compassion. With sincerity. With empathy.

There have been numerous people, in those incredibly trying life situations, who have received New Joy after working with Dan and Diana. A lot of companies will pay cash to buy your house. Not many of them will take the time to build a real relationship and truly understand what it is you’re going through and how best to help. That’s what separates our company and creates New Joy.

And if we’re not the best fit to help when the time comes, we understand. We’ll be honest and tell you that, and help align you with a trusted business partner who will be able to help.

Life can be hard. At times, almost too hard. When the worst hits, please reach out to us so that we can get to know you, build a relationship, and provide you with New Joy.